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Did you know that 97% of customers search for businesses online? Make sure they find you!

We are a Montreal based creative agency helping barbers and brokers upscale, by building their online presence. We work completely remote and visit you either at a coffee shop or a co-working space to discuss your project. Providing the freedom of a convenient location and accessibility.

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some awesome services we offer

Brand Design & Strategy

Behind every beautiful design is a well thought-out strategy.

Manage Social Media

Grow your business on all social platforms. Give your business the edge!

Audience Analytics

Analyzing your audience statistics will ensure a high conversion rate.

eCommerce Solutions

Whether you have products to sell or are into dropshipping, we can do it!

Content Creation

Sit back and enjoy our content creation process. We are your partners.

Email Marketing

Update your clients on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis!

Fully Responsive

The world is becoming more mobile oriented. Don’t miss your chance!


Website Consultants

DNS, Hosting Services, Domains? Want to learn more about the web? Call us!

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Let’s build a new story together


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On All Major Platforms & Devices

Did you know that ⅔ of the world’s population own a phone? Nowadays the number of mobile users are increasing faster and faster and it is important that we stay up to date.

Our developers and designers are hard at work to make sure your website is fully responsive, i.e. mobile friendly!

Some of our Latest Work

“very quick turnaround times!”

Emreld has proven to be a strategic partner in revamping our intranet site. Their courteous and practical approach, combined with quick turnaround times were great assets for our team. I would highly recommend their services!


Julien Simard, Legal Counsel, Pharmascience INc

“Clear and concise technical support”

Emreld Agency has had a tremendous impact in helping me shape my website the way I envisioned it to be. One of the many things I appreciate the most is the always clear and concise technical support along with providing great insight and value. Great designers, great team, easy to work with.

David Lin, COO & CoFounder, Canadaeduacademy

“Efficient web design”

Emreld helped update our servers and redesign our website. On behalf of the Montreal Global Shapers, thank you Emreld for your creativity, responsiveness, and trouble-shooting!

Viva Dadwal, Curator 2017-18Global Shapers Montreal

Choose a Plan That Works For You!

$0 initial, hidden or cancellation fees

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take you to build a website?
    • Our basic plan takes us …

1 month, our pro plan takes us 3 weeks and our Enterprise plan takes us 2 weeks. However, this depends on a lot of factors and mainly up to the client providing us the content of the website, a brief idea of how they’d like the layout of the site or their deadlines.

What if I'm not satisfied?
    • There has never

been a case where one of our clients have been unsatisfied. Our clients are core to our success, and as such we try to maximum satisfaction. However, it can definitely happen, and when it does, we try our best to find a solution or issue a full refund (minus the initial monthly payment).

Is there a contract for any of the plans?
    • Yes 6 months,

for all our monthly plans. This means, the person will remain in contract for 6 months on the selected plan, after the 6 months has passed, person has the right to either cancel, remain in or upgrade their plan.

What’s the process?
    • Glad you asked!

– First select the plan of your choice and submit the project proposal form.
– Once your project proposal has been processed by one of our teammates, we will send you an email (or call) with an invoice attached.
– You will need to pay directly on the invoice through our safe and secure Stripe payments provider.
– The project will commence

What if I’m not a broker or barber?
    • Not to worry!

As you’ve noticed our portfolio is filled with clients from distinctive fields. Please message us!

Is there a free consultation?
    • Technically yes,

all inquiries sent to our email and on the contact form are completely free and yes, we do answer all kinds of questions. Moreover, a better alternative is simply giving us a call which will accelerate the process and that’s also free. However, for in-person meetings we charge a flat rate of $15/hr; invoice for in-person meetings are sent right after the meeting has been completed.

Are there any one-time payment options?
    • Yes,

we have two tiers, for individuals and for businesses, please get in touch with your budget and we will send over a detailed pricing package you can choose from via email.

Can you edit any design/content on the website if we cancel our plan?
    • No,

you must renew your plan in order for us to do any work on the website.

Are there any other fees we should know of?
    • Yes,

only for your Hosting+Domain name. We do not cover the hosting of your website as we are not a hosting provider but we can help you purchase a hosting+domain set from one of our reliable and affordable partners.

I don’t know how to budget for this, can you help me?
    • Of course!

Please give us a call or message us and we’ll help you out for free!

Are you as affordable as you claim?
    • Definitely!

Feel free to do a quick search and check out others’ pricing! We incur a strict fixed pricing scheme, which means all the plans you see presented on our website do not change and we do not charge you any more nor any less.

How do you take a payment and is it really safe?
    • Our

payment process is well secured. Clients are only able to pay for a project once it has been processed. We will then either send you an invoice to pay right away or give you a call so you can be on the line with us while going through the invoice. Our payment gateway is through Stripe.

Message Us! 💫

If you don’t know which payment plan suits you the best or would like to get some tips on your project idea or simply grab a coffee? Don’t hesitate!

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About Us

Emreld is a Montreal based creative web agency. We provide a wide range of services for local barbers and brokers build an online presence. For a personalized quote, visit our custom quote request page.

Our website and all payments made through our payments systems are secured with Comodo SSL Encryption and Stripe.

Our Expertise

We specialize in developing and designing websites using WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix and custom HTML, CSS & JS.

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